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  • Ian Pritchard - Friday 15 January 2021 06:11
    Ha - I've just "rediscovered" these pics after posting a comment on them back in 2003. Drop me a line in anyone wants to get in touch.

    Ian, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Mark Andrews - Thursday 13 August 2020 18:14
    These Photos are of the Upper School. I have a copy of the Lower School taken around the same time.
  • guest - Thursday 2 July 2020 21:06
    Was the brown cow pub on the corner and the bull pub was on the other corner
  • Terry Hill, 47 -51. - Sunday 21 July 2019 13:02
    Mr Bottomley taught French very well and regaled us with amusing stories too. One of which was about French Taxis at the Arc de Triomph where numerous roads met. Many taxis had dents on the roof where the tarfic police had thumped them as they passed them, trying to hurry them onwards.Mr Bottomley had been a British Army translator in WW2 so his knowledge was better than most teachers of French. Thanks Brian Griffiths for this site.
  • Tom Miller - Sunday 14 July 2019 17:52
    Hey Brian - any chance of a higher resolution copy of this one by email? I tried downloading it, but it's not great quality.
    Thanks... lots of chat going on about these pictures currently on the AOB site.
  • Daughter2 - Saturday 23 March 2019 20:58
    That's my dad. Keith Dovaston was my dad.

    Were you his friend? Amazing.

    I've heard of you Dave Long!
  • guest - Saturday 20 October 2018 20:45
    My Gramdma grew up there with her Aunt & Uncle - what a special lady, we miss her so much
  • Rob Moore (mas) - Saturday 16 June 2018 20:47
    Fascinating looking at how we looked 52 years ago.I'm standing4 rows behind teacher with white hair (Caunce???)Next to me going to the photo's right is Michael Bukata, then SJG Macdonald, Steve Irving, Ian ( Bertha) Bruffel,Thomo,Stephen Dedman and Alexei Sayle. Memories of footy in the park in the lunch time.
  • Ken Thompson - Thursday 23 November 2017 18:57
    I am to the right of Alex sayle(just in front)to my immediate right I think his name was Higginbottom,also Brian Dowling next but one to him.
  • Roy Smith - Wednesday 15 November 2017 13:32
    Dear Mr Schober, I've just come across your posted photographs from Arnot St and Alsop. You were my chemistry teacher in the 1980's.
    Roy Smith