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  • Anonymous coward - Friday 21 September 2001 11:45
    rob mad
    is this where john met paul?
  • Anonymous coward - Wednesday 19 September 2001 08:45
    [email protected]
    I *think* I'm the chap who's head is silhouetted against the light square wall at the top of the steps (back row).
    To my left (keeping to the very back row) are Todhunter, Stubbs & Sigley.
  • Anonymous coward - Monday 17 September 2001 09:08
    [email protected]
    Alan Horridge - second from left on second from back row (between Hawksworth on my right and Dawick on my left!!)
  • Anonymous coward - Sunday 16 September 2001 21:42
    Ken Fearon
    That's me!
    Top row third from left. To my left: John Boase, Michael Flatley. To my right: Charlie Lawrenson
  • Anonymous coward - Thursday 13 September 2001 20:13
    [email protected]
    Jim Nash: 2nd back row, 11th from left
  • Gallery Administrator (admin) - Tuesday 11 September 2001 09:17

    Brian Griffiths: front row, 2nd from left