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  • Tom Miller - Sunday 14 July 2019 17:52
    Hey Brian - any chance of a higher resolution copy of this one by email? I tried downloading it, but it's not great quality.
    Thanks... lots of chat going on about these pictures currently on the AOB site.
  • Alan Thompson - Friday 13 November 2009 10:31

    Fourth row third from left is Charlie Osborne. Next to him is Dave Newman I believe.
  • Alan Thompson - Tuesday 10 November 2009 11:46

    That's me (Thomo) first left bottom row. Also on those fiirst few rows are Mark Broadbent, Roy Swallow, Sutherland, Rogers. On another photo I have spotted, Jonathon Shakespeare, Mark Seddon, Jimmy Smith etc. Still searching for others.
  • Roy Jones - Friday 10 November 2006 17:38
    Second row from front, from the right side: John Pritchard, Me...Roy (Ted) Jones, Tommy(?) King, ?, Trevor Potter, ?, Barrie Bain, Colin Atty, ?, Steve Carse.....
  • Anonymous coward - Sunday 11 August 2002 23:39
    Mark Broadbent ([email protected])
    I was a newt on this. 12th from the left on the bottom row. I believe these were my first long trousers (mum & dad were very old fashioned)
  • Anonymous coward - Thursday 7 February 2002 22:41
    Tom Miller ([email protected])
    Ok, it worked!
    Back row, left to right
    Rob Hall, Clements?, Brian Smith, David(or Brian) Parry, Jeff Wallace(?), Steve Willis, Gordon Francis Blacklock Morris, Les Garlick, Seddon?, Ian Tulloch, Owen?, Tom Miller (me!), Joey Wilson, Glen Wivell, John Hill, Alan Hall

    Standing it the next row down are (left to right), Ralph Morris, Frank Gordon and ? Owens. - the class of 5d!
  • Anonymous coward - Thursday 7 February 2002 22:37
    Tom Miller ([email protected])
    Back row, 12th from left.
    If this works, I'll try and name the rest of the class
  • Anonymous coward - Saturday 1 December 2001 22:26
    [email protected]
    I'm 10th from end 4th row
    Mal Martin
    AKA Bounce
  • Anonymous coward - Tuesday 9 October 2001 15:23
    pete singer ([email protected])
    no wonder I've aged so well I only look 6 on this photo! 3rd left on row 2.
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 21 September 2001 15:21
    Steve Carse
    Row 2, 11 from left.

    This is frightening!