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  • david\'chips\'au - Sunday 25 December 2016 02:00
    Oh.. What a crowd.. Another one of my photos !!! There"s 2 versions of this AND I have the original negatives !

    There's A LOT MORE PHOTOGRAPHS taken, Its just getting the time to get the negatives scan - David Au
  • willy owen - Thursday 8 January 2009 15:47
    still got marks on my bam cake after wally range wcked it with the cane still claims direct will sort it out lmao
  • Peter Fay - Tuesday 23 December 2008 09:26
    Library pic
    is that Mr Lucy in the background and Windy Miller. Yes Mr Franklin (well dodgy jacket)- was a bit handy with the slipper but never did anybody any lasting psychological harm (you can imagine the claims these days). Is that Mr Range in the front - whatever happened to the Abe and the Hodge?
  • Ed - Monday 24 September 2007 14:37
    Anyone else remember being slippered by Mr. Franklin with " bertie " ?
  • - Tuesday 7 January 2003 16:29
    brought back some fond memories of my time at alsop nice to see the teachers laughing,some dodgy suits (freddy),hope all are ok especially mr pritchard (form teacher) and mike lowe (are you still throwing a rugby ball about) and of course mr shober (ex year master approx 1978)best wishes to all
  • Anonymous coward - Sunday 17 November 2002 21:14
    I'd forgotten just how dodgy Mr franklin
    looked. Still driving a saab Mr Schober?
  • Anonymous coward - Sunday 21 July 2002 18:31
    Trying to figure out if that's R A (Andy) Billinge (Maths) peering over the shoulder of the guy in white (centre); he was the only teacher I respected at Alsop because he treated me as a human being, not simply as being just like my elder brothers, who fought their way through the school ahead of me; I was a marked man for most teachers as a result :-)
  • - Monday 15 October 2001 01:44
    [email protected]
    well this photo just brought back some old memories.i can recgonise at least 10 of my former teachers here,this must of been about 1979 there abouts,thats all thanks for the memories ,former pupil signing out without detention good bye.bythe way anybody wants to get in touch my name was neil marshall e mail me [email protected]@HOTMAIL.COM
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 28 September 2001 10:50
    Old Library, staff end of term do (Fred has bottle).