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  • david\'chips\'au - Sunday 25 December 2016 02:02
    A bit shock to see this photo - as I was the photographer - David Au...
  • Clive Morrison - Tuesday 5 September 2006 21:28
    This will have been taken on or before 1978, as Mr Hockenhall left Alsop before I entered 6th Form. I can't see any of the physics teachers, but I remember Mr Cridland started at around this time.
  • Ian Pritchard - Tuesday 30 October 2001 22:17
    Mr Scott (Chem), Roger Mills (Chem), Mrs Byre (nee Willcox - Biology)
  • Steve Dunbar - Tuesday 9 October 2001 14:28
    I recognise Mr Tucker (Centre back) or JET as we called him & Mr Hockenhall (2nd from right) who were both Biology teachers whilst I was there.
    The one on the far left was the chemistry teacher (but I can't remember his name) and the female teacher was one of the first women to come in durng the 70's (I think she taught physics).
    This is truly spooky seeing them again!
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 28 September 2001 10:47
    Science staff & technicians.