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Breeze Hill 1967

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  • James Bellew - Monday 21 March 2005 20:19
    did'nt there used to be a sasperella bar on that block?
  • - Monday 24 January 2005 13:52
    ok decs if you were one of those cars you would be faceing towards walton hospital down rice lane if you turnd left you would be going to bootle right you bwould be going to queens drive hope i helped you in some way cheers
  • Brian (admin) - Tuesday 20 May 2003 13:15
    this must be looking south from what used to be the crossroads (ie underneath the present flyover!) That would make the road on the left Smithy Lane, I think. Note the end tower on the building to the right (the Brown Cow) Two pictures furthe on there is a bloke building on a pointy roof.

  • - Tuesday 13 May 2003 19:25
    which way is this facing ???
    iam confused as iam only 20 and i like nostalgia of the local area
    please enlighten me