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  • Jac - Sunday 10 April 2016 15:47
    Believe 6th from left is Alan Clifford. Roger Broughton is further along.
  • guest - Friday 27 March 2015 11:24
    Staff Row
    On right
    Sam Sherman,John Hotchkiss,6th along Naylor,the "Abe" Abrams,Jones, Dave Atherton,Donnan,3rd along-Rowley Whitlock,Alan Woodhouse
  • James Hart - Sunday 11 March 2012 00:16
    Im just to left behind Mr Evans far right of
    photograph next to alad called Steve Redrobe
    Have fond memories
  • Anonymous coward - Saturday 4 December 2004 12:34
    Len Barnsdale
    3rd row from back, ignoring half person I am 5th from right. On my left is Benbow, then Pensom, then Workman? On my right not sure. Some good hair and ears on display!!
  • Anonymous coward - Saturday 27 March 2004 12:54
    John Cottrell
    Again back row, 11th from right is Frank Carruthers. As far as the teachers go, I remember Warren, the headmaster, next to him is O.N.Jones (the ONJ), and 2 further on is Alan Woodhouse. 5 further on is Dave Atherton, but the rest of the names escape me.From [email protected]
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 20 February 2004 07:37
    John Cottrell
    Back row; 3rd from right is Derek (Degsy) Wyatt, 5th from right is me; 4th from left is Yozzer Hughes and 7th from left is Frank Hont. What a mottley crew we were. From [email protected]