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  • Anonymous coward - Wednesday 5 May 2004 18:34
    A fmale student currently at Alsop
    I attend Alsop High School and i remember a few years ago in the summer when it was lovely to sit on the playing field at break or lunch but now that the field is gone there is nowhere to sit and enjoy the weather and instead we are left with grey, ugly mobile classrooms which have no character and completely ruin the sight of the old school buildings and the rectory.
  • Anonymous coward - Saturday 31 August 2002 10:14
    Jim Moran
    This photograph and the other photographs from hereon were taken on a very warm day on Friday 30.08.02 just before the start of the new term. I was bitterly disappointed at the state of the new buildings built on our old sports field since my last visit. Who's idea was it to build oversized rabbit hutches sandwiched between the majestic gothic Rectory and the elegance of the quadrant! It is a crime of monumental proportions for which they should bring back hanging!