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  • Daughter2 - Saturday 23 March 2019 20:58
    That's my dad. Keith Dovaston was my dad.

    Were you his friend? Amazing.

    I've heard of you Dave Long!
  • Stephen Walker - Friday 27 June 2003 14:13
    that's me 2nd from right on front row, just in fron of eddie turney and next to stan mckay and trevor winstanley is next but one to his right. where we young then or what ?
  • Anonymous coward - Saturday 28 December 2002 14:07
    David Long [email protected]
    I'm 5 rows down, 2nd from left. My form-mate (there were only two of us), Keith Dovaston is on the left. Two rows immediately below me is Mike Culshaw, with Colin Storey to the right (they were also in Classics.
  • Anonymous coward - Thursday 30 May 2002 11:09
    [email protected]
    Gentlemen, you see before you the cream of Liverpool's youth. Bloke dead centre with the sling is Joe Tipping; to his right John Conrad; to his right, me, Denis McAlister
  • Ian Greasley - Tuesday 19 March 2002 10:38
    Ian Greasley, Row above the dinner ladies, second from right.
  • Anonymous coward - Wednesday 23 January 2002 12:05
    [email protected]
    Teachers additional ;- between Scales and Mason is Don Howarth; secretary on Warren's left is Miss Ericcson; John Evans is between Davies & Cummings.
  • Anonymous coward - Tuesday 30 October 2001 17:55
    [email protected]
    Teachers' names (L to R) incomplete:
  • Dave Williamson - Thursday 25 October 2001 16:50
    I'm Dave Williamson, back row, 2nd from the right. I think Stan Bainbridge is on my right and Stephen Isbister on my left.
  • Anonymous coward - Monday 17 September 2001 09:08
    [email protected]
    Alan Horridge - second from left on second from back row (between Hawksworth on my right and Dawick on my left!!)
  • Anonymous coward - Thursday 13 September 2001 20:13
    [email protected]
    Jim Nash: 2nd back row, 11th from left